An Enterprise CRM, just for Insurance Agencies.


Lead Manager

Manage your sales pipeline.

Policy Tracking

Keep your clients happy.


Use any tool you like - AgencyStack works with all of them.


Share data with your Dialer and automate your campaigns.


Easily converse over text message for customer service or sales.

Online Chat

Communicate with prospects that are live on your website.


Save time, money, and energy.

Robust Workflows

Streamline and organize your business process.


Full Rest API for developers - and Zapier for the rest of us.


Effortlessly see exactly what you need for day-to-day operations.


Stay organized and get your reports as a product of the process.

Full BI

Plug into your favorite Business Intelligence for endless slice-and-dice.

Query Language

Advanced querying makes the most granular searches possible.

Audit Trail

Never wonder "What happened?" again.

Fully Managed

No admins or developers needed.

Case Study

AgencyStack changed how we look at our business entirely

Before, we made business decisions based on the limitations of the technology we had. Now, our management team is trained to constantly look for more creative ways to get in front of our customers and deliver the best service possible.

In the first 6 months of working together, we increased the number of leads we could facilitate by 2,316% and increased our policy stick rate by 10%. Prior to using AgencyStack, we employed two full-time administrators to manually delegate leads and manage the pipeline. We knew very little about what happened to those leads after they were assigned, aside from the number of sales.  

When we spoke to Rich about this, he and his team devised an automated workflow in AgencyStack to manage the pipeline day to day.

Using a combination of email, messaging platforms, SMS, and dialer integrations, AgencyStack guaranteed that every lead that came in followed the exact same complex procedure for contact in a completely traceable manner.  

Entrusting StackBoost with our business process enabled them to come up with specific solutions for our unique problems. For the first time, we viewed our CRM provider as a business partner instead of a vendor.” 

After years of turning the wheels ourselves, we were finally building an engine instead.

"Even if I text Rich with an idea late at night, he picks up and explores that idea with me. Their communication and ability to walk me through ideas are great."


  • Poor Sales Metrics
  • Ineffective Tracking
  • No Followup Process in Sales Pipeline
  • Administrative tasks done by hand
  • Unscalable
  • Dysfunctional reporting


  • Granular Business Intelligence
  • Complex Followup Process
  • Deeply Integrated
  • Fully employed Automation
  • Scalable
  • Automated reporting

Case Study

Licensed Medicare Advisors, LLC

Our team is comprised of both phone sales and field agents. Regardless of their location, sales staff had to work out of multiple systems to manage leads, conduct follow-up, and all other corresponding activity involved with closing a sale. In addition to being inefficient for the agents, aggregating the data for 30+ agents across 5 primary systems was a laborious manual task. Slow, unreliable, and fraught with errors.

We quickly hit the row limit on Excel; doing year-to-year comparisons was literally impossible. Even though our sales were reliable, administrative overhead was badly creeping on us. Our disparate data was becoming a HUGE problem; we encountered more and more questions we couldn't answer.

Our #1 priority was to streamline the sales process through an easy-to-use platform, integrate all the "stuff" our agents use, and have comprehensive reporting on the whole thing.

Rich and his team went under the hood of our business to better understand our process and proposed an affordable and effective strategy for achieving our objectives.

Ultimately, we were able to scale our operation and increase our sales staff nearly 10x while gaining data insight into all areas of our business. Suddenly, we could answer questions like, 'Which agents are failing to send text messages? How did their closing percentage change after being trained?' We could finally measure the results of our changes.

The streamlining of business functions enabled by Stackboost has been an incredible asset to the company. Their team prioritizes understanding the business and the exact challenge that it is facing and then focuses on solving that problem rather than simply working within rigid software frameworks.

We continue working with because we consider them a valued partner to our organization that allows us to make ongoing improvements to the technology as our team identifies new ways to increase sales.

"I am always absolutely blown away by the quality of their work and the efficiency with which they are able to grasp the problem and solve it. It’s rare to have a programmer who understands business needs and can implement something that you can use right away."


  • Disconnected Software
  • Unmanageable Administrative Overhead
  • Reporting 100% Manual
  • Difficult training for new agents
  • Unscalable
  • Unreliable reporting


  • Critical software integrated with AgencyStack
  • Automated Reporting
  • Custom simplified workflows
  • Streamlined Sales Process
  • Scalable

Case Study

We were trying to consolidate a number of different software portals into one system that would offer better reporting and greater efficiency. The major platforms included a dialer service, a CRM, a fulfillment system, and an activation system.

Before, none of the information from the frontend dialer system was connected to the results of the backend of the product delivery or the retention of people on the service over time.

We replaced our CRM with AgencyStack. The other services were either directly integrated or the data was ingested in real-time and made available to both AgencyStack and our larger business intelligence.

I’ve employed 5-6 programming teams to do different projects like this over the past four years. StackBoost was hands-down the best. This is evident through their quality of work, their follow-through, their capability to hit deadlines, and their frequent updates about the timeline.

Also, their ongoing support after the onboarding was technically complete stands out. They consistently communicate with us, continuing to check in to see if any issues arise.

StackBoost is exceptionally client-oriented. They go above-and-beyond to ensure stakeholders are well-informed, and the specialists are invested in delivering high-quality results on time.

"Their communication was absolutely phenomenal all the way through the process. He communicated every single step of the way in every way you could possibly want.

We had some delays during onboarding that weren’t related to anything StackBoost could control. They were on top of it and continued to deliver results. Even when we were waiting on third-parties to deliver, they were tenacious about making sure deadlines were met and getting results."


  • Inefficient
  • Wasted spend on failed projects
  • Limited Reporting
  • Unscalable
  • Manual reporting


  • Detailed Business Intelligence
  • Fully Integrated
  • Fully employed Automation
  • Scalable
  • Automated reporting