Turn your Carrier Statements into beautiful data.


fast and Easy

Drag and Drop

Step 1: Take your statements, exactly how you receive them from the Carrier, and drop them in our folder.

Step 2: Sit back and watch.

Custom columns

Business Intelligence

Use our reports, hook up to your own business intelligence tool, or let us help you build custom reports.

Our custom column feature allows you to group your line items by any value you might need.

Team, downline, office, location, marketing campaign - you name it!

This powerful feature allows you to group your statements by values that aren't even on the statements.


All Formats Accepted

CSV, Excel, Excel 97, PDF, Scanned Images, there's nothing we can't handle.


Frequently asked questions

How do custom columns work?

You can visualize custom columns as an extra column that gets added to each of your Carrier Statements.

Using an easy and simple interface, you can define rules for what values those custom columns will take.

Example:  If the agent is "SCHAEFFER, RICH", then "Team Name" will be set to "Team 1" and "Location" will be set to "New York."

How long does Onboarding and Setup take?

It depends on how many carriers we're setting up and the complexity of those documents.

Typically, we would average 1-2 weeks for every 50 Carrier Streams.

How quickly is new data loaded in?

Typically, new data will be visible in your reports in a couple minutes after dropping it into your folder. Larger statements (1,000+ items) can take longer, but not longer than five minutes.

Carrier Statements sometimes don't have a lot of information. Am I limited to the data inside the statements?

This is important!

Every client receives a reference table and a tool to manage it.

For example, if you want to group your Sales Agents by Region, Hierarchy, Team Leader, or any other dimension, you can easily create new data points to pivot on and assign these agents to those categories. That way, we can include information and group by categories that aren't necessarily on the statements themselves.

My agents have differently formatted names on every statement. Sometimes I only have the Agent's ID. What happens with these?

You can use a custom column to to merge these values together.

Example:  "SCHAEFFER, RICHARD" and "RICHARD SCHAEFFER", "RICH SCHAEFF", and "100021" (Agent ID) will all be grouped together and considered as one agent: "Richard Schaeffer".